How it unfolded

Walking through the dark and dusty streets, muddy roads, hunger stricking villages, repressive and an undemocratic regimes and war turned countries in Africa, it is  practicaly impossible to understand the reality of the world. The believe in Africa is, Africa is what it is but not what it should be. But the reality is, Africa should not be what it is now, it should transform as the world transforms.

Moving to South Africa from cameroon in 1999, Joshua Ndip started realising a difference in the configuration of the world. It became apparent to him when he started visiting Europe in 2006 as a student. He started asking questions on the glearing divide in terms of development between Europe and Africa. He became curious to search for clues to understand the reasons behind the divide, he couldn´t still find the full answer. He finally reconciled with himself when he moved to Sweden in 2010. The answer to his question was; "AFRICA NEED AN ALTERNATIVE AND ENGAGING APPROACH TO BE ABLE TO MEET THE CURRENT PACE OF DEVELOPMENT IN THE WORLD".

Africa is what it is today because of the egoistic tendencies of both the African ruling elites and the failed development strategies directed towards Africa by the world community. HELPAFRICA organization was launched in 2010 by Joshua Ndip (founder ) and Ayukekbong Ayukepi ( a PhD student at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden) to forge ways of engaging policy makers, African elites, emerging African leaders both at home and in diaspora, and developmental NGOs on serious debates and alternative approaches that will lead to a sustained development in Africa. 





Last edited: 2013-01-10