About us

img-1936-1.jpgThe organization aims are to engage and persuade the world community in a broad platform of discussions and practical approaches to get Africa out of the current level of misery, and we want to achieve this by convening yearly forums with African leaders, NGOs, Policy makers, and women and youth leaders to come up with commitments thal leads to action. The organization believes that, Africa will go out of misery only through people around the world who share a collective vision to bridge the gap between the affluent North and the poor South. The organization recognises that, until the world revisit development objectives reflecting the guarantee that all human beings deserve the right to live a dignified life, Africa development prospects in the 21st century is far fetched. The organization will partner and co-operate with institutions and individuals that share a vision of improving the standard of living of African people.

We will stregthened our efforts to promote democracy and human rights because these are the basis of development. Our energies will also be channelled towards providing the basic human needs to poor African communities such as, clean drinking water, health centres, medical equipments, education, and food for those affected by famine.

We will also work on issues that directly affects empowerment and meaningful integration of Africans in Sweden and Europe as a whole.



Last edited: 2013-10-01