"The Service you do for others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth"

Mohammed Ali


The purpose of this platform is to build a massive coalition of Africans all across the globe, that will create an irreversible public engagement for a comprehensive sociopolitical and economic leadership that will spur a change of leadership perspective in Africa. If the future is to be built in Africa, Africans have to build the future.

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Africans Network for Social Change is neither ideological nor political. This platform is for Africans to look for best solutions to Africa´s impending sociopolitical and economic leadership challenges. All Africans of all works of life, religion, ethnicity, gender, background etc. are welcome to sign up as a member of the platform or start a platform where ever you are....Register here


Find out about the principles that drives this platform to forge a gobal arena of Africans where common and collective engagement is the cornerstone of a way forward.....Read

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