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Momentum Sways: Frustration Builds-up in Yaounde, Diplomatic World Mobilizes & Ambazonia Soars!


  • The world is beginning to come to terms with one big reality that many had doubted over the years: Ambazonia is real! In fact, even some in the international community who openly expressed skepticism that an independent Southern Cameroons aka Ambazonia could be realistic, are now making clear this new country is not only feasible, but are already announcing that its birth is likely to happen faster than anyone could dream of. This is the beauty of people power, marked by determination, focus, and resilience. Watch, share, and subscribe.
  • Thank you John for bringing freshness to our nation Ambazonia. Biya, beti assomo and the bir have killed thousands of us but have not been able to kill our determination for Total Independence. The bir who come to die in Ambazonia know they are fighting a stupid war that was not to be. Biya believed he would frighten us with his bir but the bir is not able to match Ambazonia response. Biya shall withdraw in shame and confusion from Ambazonia.
  • Once an expert always an expert. JMA you greatly lift my spirit each time I listen to your outings. I have learnt a lot from your outings.
  • Comrade John please congratulations for what you are doing. You people should try to bring Isubu and No pity together .Thank you God bless you.
  • JMB, sir I respect you tremendously. Courage sir
  • This is so beautiful. Make sure you put the flag behind you brethren.
  • Short live the liberation struggle long live Ambazonia
  • That land is our land & they will never have it. There will be no negotiations. When you kick them out, the international community will beg to come to you. Keep fighting. Make sure you don’t spare black legs like ashiri kilo.
  • Chris and Sako. God will judge them. They claim they are government and that they are in control fighters but yet can not take responsibility of fighters. Always claim their hard work to draft their pockets. Today they are singing songs to general Okoro. Tomorrow you will hear. God will judge them. Wolves in sheep clothing

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