Postal Address: Alfred Nobels Allé 27, 141 52 Huddinge

Stockholm, Sweden

President: +46(0) 722533057






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  • TAH Ferdinand Ndum
    • 1. TAH Ferdinand Ndum On 2012-04-24
    I wish to appreciate the idea and efforts put together by the initiators of the Helpafrica project.

    This project will have a greater meaning to those who have the experience, especially to those of us who live and work in some of the African societies where people cannot afford basic social ammenities like health care and Education,in a society where some people still associate HIV/AIDS related deaths to witchcraft, where convulsion in a child is believed to be or associated to demonic attack and that such could not be treated in Hospital,ina society where people are still scared and have mixed feelings on whether or not to accept immunization against endemic Diseases; and above all a society where someone who has been in power for over 25 years will prefer to use the forces of Law and order to threaten and even detain a frustrated and hungry people, demonstrating peacefully for democracy, better working conditions and/or good Governace programs,instead of thinking of what to do to improve the quality of life of this people; just to name afew.

    Africa is very sick and i personally believe that Helpafrica has come to assist in its own way to help Africa get out of this delima.,
    Helpafrica you are welcome and the Almighty bless this initiative and your endeavours.


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