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Help with medical equipments for community health centers

The death rate in many parts of Africa is so alarming because most illnesses are atributed to witch craft. On the contrary, this is not true. In most of the cases hospitals don´t have basic equipments and training to diagnose  early symptoms related to particular illness. In rural areas where hospials are hundreds of miles away, pregnant women go for medical check-up one time for the whole period of their pregnancy. Some give birth in the villages using crude and local equipments for delivery. Even in those villages where there are local health centers, there are no basic medical equipments, and their staff generally have limited knowledge in health issues.

We would like medical institutions to donate basic health equipments to help local health centers and hospitals in needy communities in Africa. We are also pleading for medical practitioners to volunteer their time and train some of the health officials in rural health centers and hospitals on the modern techniques to diagnose illnesses from newly born babies. Children die at their tenage ages in Africa because most are born with inherited defects, which are not detected at early ages because of limited training and lack of medical equipments.

Help in childern education

Majority of children in Africa do not have proper education because of lack of infrastructure. Most children, especially those from the rural communities suffer a psychological trauma in secondary schools when they have to compete with their classmates who come from schools in the cities. This is because they haven´t had schools where they sat under the roof, and also studying in what the see as modern facilities in secondary schools affects their thinking negatively.

Notwithstanding, even secondary school leavers who are taking science classes have never use or seen a disecting set or seen a science lab. These are some of the problems still encountered by children in Africa in the 21t century.

We want to help children in Africa keep pace with the modern educational system by helping to renovate existing delapidated schools, provide them science equipments, and information technology.

We need help from all sectors of the global world to meet up with these immidiate demands.


This is a an example of a case study. These photo shows how the educational system in Africa is diminishing, these photos depicts the state of this primary school where chidren study. This primary school was one of the best in terms of infrastructure and learning environment in the early 80s. It is unfortunate that development discuss in international arenas don´t take this examples into consideration. This is why we want to help children go back to school and secure a dignified future.


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