Emmigration from African countries is an issue that need urgent attention. Every year thousands of young educated Africans flee their homeland for various reasons through the empty deserts of North Africa or through air to reach Europe to look for a better life. Along the way some die and some survive. Some of those who survive get arrested and repatriated, and some of those who succeed get entangled in uncertainty and frustration because many become illegal and some have to start life from scratch.

It is also important to know that majority of African immigrating into Europe have never had a prior knowledge of the reality on the ground in Europe before embarking on their voyage of no return. It is also clear that most of the immigrants either had jobs or small businesses that enabled them raised a couple of thousands of dollars for their journey. More importantantly, most of the African immigrants are loaded with human capital that is vital for developmet

From our findings, it is obvious that most African immigrants, especially those who had their jobs, businesses and university graduates would have preferred to stay back in Africa if they knew the reality in Europe. There are many African immigrants who would prefer to return to Africa on arrival into Europe if they are told of the reality living in Europe. Unfortunately most of them know the reality only when their visas are expired.

We as an organization that strive for a better Africa is embarking on projects that will help to inform Africans, especially young aspiring, educated and potential leaders on the reality of immigrating to Europe. Many African waste their years of education in Europe with no meaningful realisation of their potential.

We will co-orporate with other NGOs, EU governments to create information centers accross Africa and in Europe.

Our aim is to inform and educate those young Africans who want to emmigrate to Europe on the potential consequences they will face, especially in legalising their stay in Europe, and getting jobs that reflects their educational careers. We will also liase with the new arrivals in Europe to get them informed on the setbacks and possibilities to help them decide whether they want to stay or  return to Africa before their visas expire.

We will carry out our project objectively by informing and educating the immigrants on a wide range of possibilities that can help them take objective and sensible decisions.

We are setting up an information and educational network in Sweden and around Europe to facilitate information and quicker integration of new arrivals.



Last edited: 2013-01-10