A Global Classroom For Ideas

A focal point for ideas and commitments is the cornerstone of our initiatives. Members will have the opportunity to interact with like minded members, role models, policy makers, entrepreneurs and inspirational leaders that will turn their ideas into commitments and actions.

Stockholm Africa Leadership Center unique way of doing it is:


Members will have the opportunity to interact with members and actors across a broad spectrum of organizations, from policy makers, NGOs directors, Entrepreneurs, Inspirational leaders and government officials.


Members will find a supportive environment where networking is facilitated by Stockholm Africa Leadership Center through similar issues and programs. This will give them the opportunity to influence each other with ideas that help in the implementation of their commitments.

Improve Knowledge

The knowledge bank will create a platform for informed ideas. Members from different organizations with unique expertise will constantly analyse ideas and come up with constructive and innovative solutions. Members will constantly get feedback from the commitments of other members to enable them learn and improve in their projects.


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