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Providing basic education is a major priority of the organization. Volunteers with appropriate training and interest in teaching at primary and secondary schools are welcome to apply. The teaching will be performed in rural schools to supplement the local teaching staff and the language of teaching is English. We are currently offering volunteer opportunities in the teaching of Mathematics and Sciences in Primary and Secondary schools in Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa and Zambia.

Health care

Rural communities in most parts of Africa are affected with a diverse spectrum of health problems, ranging from diarrhea diseases, malnutrition, reproductive health problems, malaria, HIV/AIDS, amongst others. Highly motivated volunteers with appropriate training in medicine, nursing, midwifery, physical therapy, radiology, pharmacy, and lab technology with a keen interest in caring for the sick and disable persons are welcome to apply. Volunteer opportunities are now open in most countries in Africa. Specify the country you are interested to volunteer and the particular field of expertise.

Technical services

The infrastructure in most rural Africa establishments like schools, hospitals, markets etc leaves much to be desired. Pupils and students study under dilapidated buildings, health centers are in poor infrastructural and hygienic conditions and lack of farm-to-market roads to enable the peasant farmers to transport their goods to the markets. Helafrica is leading the course to improve infrastructure in health care facilities and schools and also in supporting projects geared towards rural development. Volunteers with appropriate training in building and construction are invited to apply. We are currently looking for volunteers to renovate primary schools and health centers in the South West region of Cameroon.

Combatting  famine

The widespread scarcity of food due to crop failure is becoming a major problem in sub-Saharan Africa causing unprecedented level of malnutrition and impoverishment. Helpafrica is embarking on long-term measures by supporting farmers through providing free or subsidized fertilizers, insecticides, and seeds to increase food harvest. We are also educating farmers on irrigation techniques to improve crop yield. We look forward to working with agronomists and other qualified agricultural experts to organize training workshops and other support activities to the farmers.

1. Do I need a visa to work as a volunteer in Africa?

YES, Most countries in Africa require an entry clearance. Please consult your home embassy/consulate for details of visa requirements. Helpafrica will however assist you with an invitation letter and other relevant clearance documents demanded by the immigration authorities.

2. What is the maximum duration of time a volunteer can stay?

Duration of volunteering range from 1 month to 12 months and it is renewable.

3. Do i get a salary as a volunteer?


4. Who pays for the cost of travel, accomodation and feeding?

Helpafrica organization, thanks to the generous support of our donors.

5. How long do i work as a volunteer per day?

Averagely 8 hours per day from Monday to Friday. Saturdays and Sundays are reserved for rest. However, volunteers may make optional guided trips around the country sides on weekends.

6. Do i need to perform tasks that i am not trained for?


7. Are there any times in the year that you can not accept volunteers?

NO, Positions are available all year round except for volunteers who wish to teach who are not adviced to come between June and August and between mid December and mid January.

8. Can students be accepted as volunteers?



We want to bridge the gap between the needy rural communities and those who want to assist these communities. We welcome volunteers irrespective of sex, race, religious or political affiliation to assist in our projects. It should also be reteirated that volunteers will have the opportunity to be exposed to new cultures, make new friends and get new experiences. The success of our projects depends on the commitment and enthusiasm of our volunteers. Your time, skills and knowledge are indispensable in our efforts to empower rural African communities. Volunteer positions are opened round the year.

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