Joshua Ndip: The day that changed conventional warfare..

259157226 1546113249100094 5481722936471007175 nThe day that changed conventional warfare. The English speaking Cameroon youths faced by a conventional army from la republic du Cameroun with conventional weapons had no choice but to invent an unconventional way to fight back against an enemy they considered an intruder. How this idea came about is still a matter of debate. But the fact remains that even at the brink of death, death that is not cause by natural circumstances, people would always have a means to fight back. The present resistance by the anglophone fighters, popularly called 'amba boys' started with a weapon of 'less destruction' called 'caterpod' to the current weapons of 'more destruction'. What transpired from this point until the present resistance where amba boys are a force that is feared in the military circles in Cameroon will be read in history books in decades to come. What's obvious is that in a war of injustice, right will always prevailed wrong no matter what kinds of conventional capabilities one side of the conflict possesses. That's why La Republic Du Cameroun military will never defeat the amba boys. History has proven this theory right....Eritrea separation from Ethiopia and Vietnam war, just to name some examples. The earlier La republic du Cameroun realise this the better. #AnglophoneConflict

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