Because this forum is specially dedicated to the leadership role of former and late President Nelson Mandela that inspired the world, participants will have the opportunity to listen to some of the qualities and vision that made him an outstanding African and a leader.

This 2nd edition of Africa New leadership Initiative forum will offer participants the chance to participate in discussions that will help them to take active role in the development of the African continent. Participants will be offered a unique opportunity to deepen their knowledge about the impending struggle for good leadership that can promote development in Africa.

Therefore the program is design to give room for all participants to gain the experience by sharing in the deliberations. The first day of the forum will take all participants to the Swedish Parliament where participants will have the opportunity to tour the parliament and also listen to a presentation about how the Swedish parliament works.

The second day of the forum will be organised in two sessions and the third day will be unique. The first three quaters of the session will be made up of presentations and the last quarter of the session will be made up of an open plenary session where all participants will be part of the penalists. This is in connection with our idea of leadership that is based on a collective engagement, opinion and influence. The third day will be at the Folk link radio studio in Sollentuna, participants will have the opportunity to get their voice life on radio.

Thursday 28 August

10.00am (Visit to the Swedish Parliament)

Tour of the Swedish Parliament and presentation by an MP on how the Swedish Parliament works.

Friday 29 August

10.00am-10.30am (Openning Presentation by the President of HelpAfrica: Mr. Joshua Ndip Ako)

10.30am-11.00am (Presentation by Mr. Andries Oosthuizen, Charge´ D´Affaires of the South African Embassy in Sweden)

He will give a brief background of the leadership role Mandela played as a person and a leader in Africa and the world at large.

11.00am-11.30am ( Presentation by the CEO of Youth Icons Ghana: Mr. Nana Yaw-Osei Darkwa).

The founding president of Youth Icons Ghana and the first recipient globally of the Bruce W. Tancrell Memorial Scholarship for Peace and Nonviolence in 2011, a scholarship awarded to an individual doing great work in peace and nonviolence promotion around the world will speak on the critical involvement of the youth in the forward march of Africa under the theme "Preparing the Youth for the Future and the Future for the Youth".

11.30am-12.00pm (Presentation by Mr. Joshua Ndip, Political Science Student at Stockholm University)

How can Africa change the dynamics of the world to become a global political and economic force.

12.00pm-13.00pm Lunch

13.00pm-13.20pm (Presentation by Mr Dan Mugarura Bakaaki, Chairman of Party Electoral Commission at Forum for Democratic Change in Uganda)

He will talk on the role of electoral commissions in making sure the electoral processes in Africa is free and fair.

13.20pm-13.40pm (Presentation by the chairman of Swedish Central Africa Chamber of Commer/Cofounder of Scandinavian African Foundation for Growth)

He will talk about the role diaspora would play in shaping development in Africa if countries in Africa integrate diaspora affaires as an independent department or ministry in their governments.

13.40pm-14.00pm (Coffee Break)

14.00pm.14.20pm ( Presentation by Mr. Mande Samson, CEO at Stockholm AFRINOR CONSULT)

 Suitable leadership for Africa´s sustainable political, social and economic progress.

14.20pm-14.40pm (SwedFund Presentation)

The role that SwedFund can play in helping small, medium size and big business grow in Africa.

14.40pm-17.00pm (Open Plenary Session Moderated by Mr. Afolabi Giwa, International Marketing Student at Linneus University in Sweden)


  • Should Africa keep on blaming the west for the impending poverty plaguing the continent or should Africa take a self-empowerment strategy?
  • Should Africa still depend on foreign aid for development?
  • Should Africa learn to groom future leaders by building institutions that enable young men and women get involved in leadership structures at an early stage?
  • Do you really support an idea of A New Leadership Initiative?
  • What do you think about formimg an epistemic community of Africans at the AU level?
  • What are the impending questions that need a focus and creative leadership to meet up with the aspirations of the African people?
  • Should AU think about forming an Africa remittance bank to reduce the exorbitant charges paid by diaspora to send money to Africa considering that remittance to Africa is almost superseeding Foreign Aid to Africa?

Saturday 30 August 

13.00pm-15.00pm ( Folk Link Radio, Sollentunalekland AB, Malmvägen 63A, Sollentuna )

Folk Link Radio operated by Africans from Uganda will host participants to cover a summary of the forum. Participants will have the opportunity to transmit their ideas and opinions live on radio by taking part in a grand debat moderated by Folk link radio. 


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