The 2nd edition of Africa New leadership Initiative forum will offer participants the chance to participate in discussions that will help them to take active role in the development of the African continent. By engaging with experienced participants with hands-on knowledge in leadership role, participants will be offered a unique opportunity to deepen their knowledge about the impending struggle for good leadership that will promote development in Africa.The challenges that are faced by the African continent are not unique, other continents have passed through the same challenges but with the current global reality there is an urgent need for a comprehensive reassessment of Africa future leadership. Diversity and inclusive leadership is a prerequisite to development.

 As a participant in the 2nd edition of Africa New Leadership Initiative Forum you will have the opportunity to:

  • Listen to the leadership qualities of Former president Nelson Mandela that inspired and rejuvenated the 21st century.
  • Contribute to debates on how Africa diversity can be a potential source in the development of the continent.
  • Listen to how development challenges can be turn into success stories on the continent.
  • Gain an understanding on how the formation of an  African diaspora remittance bank can promote development in the continent. 
  • Get hands-on information on how women and young people in Africa can change the dynamics of development in Africa if given the opportunity.
  • Gain deeper understanding of the vision and values that HelpAfrica organization stands for.
  • Share your knowledge and experiences with other participants on how future generation African leadership could be inspired
  • Be part of the struggle to make Africa a continent of hope and prosperity in the 21st century.
  • Meet young people and students from around the world who are eager as ever before to stop sexual violence and conflict in Africa.

 We are therefore inviting everyone interested in the prosperity of the African continent, and the initiative of this organization to register and participate in this forum. Please the program can be found here..

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