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In pursuing this goal, Stockholm Africa Leadership Center will regularly organise meetings, training workshops and conferences structured around leadership and development. One of the yearly events is called AFRICA NEW LEADERSHIP INITIATIVE FORUM. The forum is meant to gather young aspiring leaders from Africa, experts, NGOs, civil society organizations, government representatives, individuals and business leaders to discuss and share experiences on various aspects of leadership and development that needs to be emulated by young aspiring leaders in different areas of the society, especially Africa.

We are therefore welcoming a diverse network of Africans, irrespective of race, religion and ethnicity to joint this forum in order to inspire and influence a constructive dialogue in the pursue of leadership and development in Africa. Africa is at the edge to supersede expectations in achieving an unprecedented growth trajectory in the 21st century, this needs to be complemented with a focus and energic leadership. This platform is committed to galvanize a collective knowledge and desire to meet the new challenges that comes with the change in development environment.

We can only succeed when we walk together, join the cause

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